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Bidding and procurement platform compliant with NJ Law

Protect your process from errors, grow your bidding audience, and see what you’re missing when you don’t bid online with Bid Express.

  • Pay your way with agency and vendor payment models

  • Template your bids with smartforms for general procurement and construction

  • Host secure, remote bid openings supported by digital certificate technology

Bidding in New Jersey? Simplify your solicitation process with a platform trusted by the New Jersey Department of Transportation and New Jersey Transit Authority.

“Probably about 60% of the bids I’ve done, I’ve templated somehow. Ammunition, road slips, retaining walls, all of those I’ve templated. My bids take me 15 minutes max.”

- Kim Bailey, Purchasing Director, City of Huntington

“We’re seeing a 40%-70% increase in the number of bidders, depending on the scope of the project.”

- Adam Fricke, Deputy Engineer, Clinton County, OH

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New Jersey + Bid Express: Fast Facts

Bid Express is a preferred internet bidding provider in New Jersey, used by the NJ Department of Transportation and NJ Transit Authority for their procurement needs. Our history with the state includes:

8000+ solicitations processed since 2005
2000+ bidders in the state
$73 billion in value of bids processed
8 years as an approved NJ pilot provider

Use Cases

City Administration: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Manual data entry is a relic of a painful, paper-based past. No organization should have to dedicate resources to making out bad handwriting - except maybe hospitals. That’s one of the key motivations that led Grand Rapids to adopt Bid Express - not to mention a downtown location that made vendor parking a nightmare.
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Online submissions completely eliminate the need for vendors to travel to the downtown office
Exportable bid tabs in Bid Express remove the need to manually enter data
Vendors can access plan sets online, so no more paper ends up in the recycling bin

State DOT: Ohio Department of Transportation

Due to issues with late bids, errors, and paper processing, The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) adopted online bidding to overcome these inefficiencies. In order to meet federal reporting requirements when bidding with locals and create a centralized bidding database, ODOT set out to spread e-bidding across the state of Ohio.
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Bid forms and items in the Bid Express service are standardized to meet Ohio’s requirements and simplify local bidding
Standardized bidding templates for common project types also meet federal reporting requirements for locals
Automatic calculations reduce the chance of math errors and mistakes

Port Authority: Put-in-Bay Township

You’ve probably dealt with your fair share of bid delivery issues. Maybe you’ve even rushed downstairs to meet a courier and help a vendor meet a deadline. But you probably haven’t had to depend on the winds and tides, hoping that a ferry full of bids makes it to your small island town in time. That story is unique to the Put-in-Bay Township Port Authority.
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Bids are submitted online, eliminating worries about on-time delivery
Bid openings are handled remotely, no need to staff or track down board members
Online bid posting saves on advertising costs to promote bid
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In-App Features

Explore what sets the Bid Express service apart from your typical procurement process.

In-App Features

Explore what sets the Bid Express service apart from your typical procurement process.

Electronic form-building to ensure a complete response

Built-in calculations help eliminate math errors

Automated error-checking to ensure requirements are met

No more throwing away the low or best-value bid on a technicality

Streamline construction bidding and general procurement with Bid Express

For Agencies
  • Minimize discarded low bids with error checks and omission alerts
  • Reduce paper waste from printed bid packets and plans
  • Get instant bid tabs with ranked and exportable results
For Vendors
  • Submit complete, error-free bids from any internet-connected device
  • Eliminate the time and cost of shipping or hand delivery
  • Accommodate last-minute adjustments with online submissions
For Personnel
  1. No installation and simple training makes implementation easy
  2. Agency and vendor support available Monday - Friday from 7 am to 8 pm ET

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