Executive Leadership

Andrew Uelsmann

Chief Financial Officer and acting Vice President

Andrew Uelsmann is Infotech’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and acting Vice President (VP) for ITI Products, with oversight for both the Finance & Strategy and ITI Products divisions. He has a proven track record of leading successful financial strategies and operations, demonstrating an exceptional ability to drive growth and profitability.

Andrew is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the technology industry and over a decade of experience in financial planning and analysis. Andrew brings to his role a strong expertise in forecasting and financial modeling, enabling him to develop and execute a range of strategic initiatives that result in increased revenue and improved operational efficiency. He has also been recognized for his leadership skills and ability to build strong, high-performing teams with cultures of excellence.

Prior to his current role, Andrew held several senior finance positions at Infotech, including Sr. Director for Finance and Accounting, Director of Corporate Strategy and Sr. Manager for Finance.

Andrew earned his MBA in Finance and Competitive Strategy from the University of Florida.

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