Dr. Jim McClave

Chair and Founder

Dr. Jim McClave is Infotech’s Co-Owner and Chief Executive Officer, who focuses on the Infotech Consulting business. Along with Dr. Tom Rothrock, Dr. McClave founded Infotech in 1977 with the primary mission of applying statistical principles to real-world issues and problems. Under Dr. McClave’s direction, the Infotech Consulting business has used proven methodologies and sound statistical analyses for a wide diversity of both clients and applications.

Dr. McClave is a recognized national leader and Expert in statistical and econometric consulting. He has worked on a wealth of bid-rigging and price-fixing cases involving a wide range of products and industries, the first of which recovered $30 million taxpayer dollars through his detection of highway bid-rigging for the State of Florida in 1981.

In addition to teaching more than 10 collegiate courses and providing Expert testimony in nearly 100 cases, he has co-authored six textbooks in Statistics, many of which are still in use today.

Dr. McClave holds a Ph. D. in statistics from the University of Florida.

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