We operate with transparency and respect

Everything from our business partnerships to our hiring practices is guided by an understanding that we expect excellence and kindness from every person we work with or hire.

We carry what makes us great on our shoulders. It’s not a burden; it’s a badge.

Wearing it takes ownership, responsibility, integrity. We know what we owe to each other and we deliver on those promises. We’re accountable. Reliable. Trustworthy.

Do the right thing - always.

What sets us apart from other businesses starts and ends with our people. From the start, our founders wholeheartedly considered the impact their decisions made on employees and customers, instilling these ideals into generations of leaders at Infotech. This way of conducting business created a foundation that has withstood unpredictable roads for over 45 years.

Our very products and services were created to pursue truth and help others do their job fairly and efficiently. We believe when you act with consistent integrity and focus on people, the rest will follow. We are people people and we hold each other accountable to model what our culture is all about.

Our commitment

Treating people right extends beyond those we work and partner with into the communities we call home and the world we live in.

Everything we do points to helping people. From our customers to the community, we take great pride in making a positive difference. At the end of the day, Infotech cares. We always will.

Will McClave, President

To Our Customers

We’re invested in our customers for the long-term. We exist to help our customers do their jobs easier, faster and more efficiently, and it’s because of our strong relationships across the industry that we can continue to meet their needs. Every enhancement we make starts with being experts in our customers’ problems and a desire to provide the best solution to meet their needs.

With customer relationships that have been around for as long as we have been in business, our commitment extends beyond software solutions and into the full service experience. Working with our customers where, when and how they need us is our way of showing that their time and needs are valuable.

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To Our Community

Our approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) has three tenets, rooted in our values of integrity and purposeful action.
Philanthropy & Volunteerism

We take pride in the communities that we call home, and consider it an honor to give back. Infotech is deeply invested in charitable work through both volunteering and financial support.

Environmental Sustainability

We’re committed to keeping our backyard beautiful and strengthening the place we have called home for over 45 years.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We know the best way to elevate our culture and our service is with a workforce that authentically reflects the diverse audiences we serve.

Learn more about our CSR plan and how we live it out