Web Bidding Research

We’re partnering with AASHTO and the AASHTOWare Project™ Task Force to tackle the future of internet bidding. Help drive the future of Bid Express® by joining the Web Bidding Research Committee.

What is the Web Bidding Research Initiative?

In partnership with AASHTO and the AASHTOWare Project Task Force, we’ve been tasked with researching what the future of internet bidding could look like for you, your agency, and your contractors. This research will begin with a focus on the core bidding workflows of proposal creation and updates, bid submission, bid opening, and information passing between your systems.

Our goals? 1) Create more efficient workflows and flexible bidding processes for agencies and 2) Devise an improved user experience for contractors. Want in? The Web Bidding Research Committee is an opportunity for users of Infotech services to help steer Bid Express in new directions.

How the Web Bidding Research Committee Works

Step 1: Meet

Once you sign up, we’ll meet with you and several of your industry peers in private focus groups to get your input and feedback.

Step 2: Test

We’ll incorporate your suggestions into our ongoing development projects and give you a chance to test ‘em out and let us know what you think.

Step 3: Benefit

You benefit from fresh features and enhancements that come straight from your noggin!

Sign up for our Web Bidding Research Committee waiting list and be contacted for focus groups when the time arises.


Web Bidding Research FAQ

Everything you need to know about the Web Bidding Research initiative. If it’s not, just ask!

Changes to the web bidding solution may occur as we are still in the research stage. The answers provided in this FAQ document are based on current assumptions.
Last updated February 15, 2022.

Web Bidding Functionality

How do you envision the new web bidding solution working?

The goal is to make Bidx.com® a site where proposals are directly pushed for advertisement from the agency’s preconstruction system. Contractors will identify opportunities as they do today. However, proposal submission will happen directly on Bidx.com and will not require any file downloads or installed software.

How will posting work between the two systems?

The agency’s preconstruction system will push letting and proposal data to the Bidx.com site. Before bid opening, agencies will continue to have control over what is posted to Bidx.com and when it is posted. After bid opening, the bid results will be pushed from Bidx.com back to the agency’s preconstruction system. Additional information, such as the vendor list, plan holder list, and bid tabulations, will also be supported as part of this connection.

Web Bidding Diagram
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How will this change affect agencies who don’t use AASHTOWare Project Preconstruction™?

This change will support all agencies' preconstruction systems. We plan to continue supporting the current file formats (pass2ebs.txt and xtabdat.dat) with the new bidding workflow.

How will this affect contractors who don’t use internet bidding?

Many agencies still allow bidders to submit bids outside of the internet bidding process. These changes will not affect how contractors submit bids manually to agencies.

Are you taking into consideration the legal requirements of each state?

We will be working throughout this process to ensure all state requirements for transparency continue to be met. Please bring specific requirements to the Web Bidding Research Committee or submit feedback with examples that must be considered.

The Committee

How do I get involved?

Throughout this project we will be running a User Driven Design group with a Web Bidding Research Committee! We feel it’s crucial to involve the end users (you!) as early and as often as possible.

We will be engaging with both agencies and contractors throughout this entire process to gather feedback before, during, and after development.

Similar to a focus group, you’ll share feedback, opinions, knowledge, and insights about a rotating topic related to the Web Bidding Research project. Feedback will be essential to ensure customers find all parts of the new process to be an improvement over the old.

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What is the expected timeline for this project?

This is a multi-year effort. In the first half of this year we will be focused on agency research. Afterwards we will be reaching out to your contractor community to get their engagement and feedback.

When will I need to switch?

If this workflow is agreed upon and developed the transition for agencies will be similar to previous internet bidding migrations (e.g. Expedite to Project Bids). Your agency will choose the best time to move to the new workflow.

Will I need equipment for this transition?

No, you will not be required to purchase any new equipment.

Security, Training, & Support

What are the details on the security of the new workflow?

The security and value offered today through the online bidding process remains our highest priority. Bidx.com will remain focused on:

  • Knowing who this bid is really from (forgery resistance)

  • Ensuring that no one can alter a bid (non-repudiation)

  • Preventing the information in a bid from disclosure to unauthorized parties (secrecy)

  • Ensuring that even authorized parties cannot access the bid prior to the public opening (sealing)

These values are supported through the use of Digital ID encryption and a secure bidding platform.

How will this impact support for unique agency processes?

We hope to support all agencies’ individual needs but will require your participation to ensure that the direction considers your specific setup. Please join our Web Bidding Research Committee to provide feedback throughout the process.

Will training resources accompany these new developments?

Yes, training resources will be provided. We will work with each agency during the transition period to ensure success for you and your contractors.

For Contractors

Will this change require I get a new Digital ID™?

You don't need to change your Digital ID. The Digital ID will likely need to be imported into the browser they will be bidding from but no major migration or recreation should be necessary. We are still early in the process so exactly how this will look isn't yet available to show.

Will I be able to use the browser of my choice?

All modern browsers will be supported!

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