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More about Appia

Developed over decades of working with more than 40 state DOTs, Appia has standardized and automated the construction process.
For Field
  1. Effortlessly maintain accurate project records in an easily accessible audit trail
  2. Eliminate data redundancy and errors through source data entry
  3. Create comprehensive daily reports in real-time directly in the field
  4. Manage change orders, material tracking and more in one database
For Office
  1. Rapidly generate pay estimates with streamlined fund tracking
  2. Resolve disputes quickly with clear record-keeping
  3. Manage complex funding with fund source administration
For Owners
  1. Cut down on time and travel for supervisors, auditors and inspectors
  2. Simplify field inspection with easy-to-use mobile apps
  3. Keep field personnel in the field with real-time collaboration in the cloud
  4. Implement in days with training and onboarding support

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