Transportation Research Board Meeting

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We're right around the corner from the 99th Annual Transportation Research Board Meeting in Washington, D.C. It’s one of the nation’s biggest gatherings of transportation policymakers, professionals, and academics, all coming together to discuss the future of transportation. And we can’t wait to add our voice to the conversation.

What good are precise drone measurements if the data is siloed? Chad Schafer and his panel discuss data management in 2020 and what it takes to eliminate those pesky data siloes.

No More Orange Field Books: Eliminating Siloed Data Through Unified Databases and Integrations

Chad Schafer, Infotech
Sunday, January 12 @ 9:00 AM
Washington Convention Center 209BC

Your organization’s most valuable asset is your data. Are you doing everything you can to protect it? Marty Provost and his panel sit down to discuss what it takes to keep our systems secure in 2020.

Keeping Our Nations Transportation Assets Secure from Cyber Attacks

Marty Provost, Infotech
Wednesday, January 15 @ 10:15 AM
Washington Convention Center 151A

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