Remote Online Bidding with Bid Express®

Infotech and the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) have partnered together to encourage local agencies to use Bid Express for secure online bid submission. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, tools that allow for remote work and social distancing are even more important.
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Infotech and ODOT: A Long-Term Partnership

Infotech and ODOT have worked together successfully for over 34 years. As the official contractor for AASHTOWare Project™, Infotech works with DOTs across the country to configure, maintain, host, and train employees on the service. When Infotech first launched Bid Express, ODOT was one of the first agencies to adopt electronic bidding in September of 2004. Infotech is also a member of, and works closely with the Ohio Contractors Association (OCA) to ensure our services meet the needs of DOT and contractors alike. The goals of ODOT Local Programs Office piloting Infotech's Bid Express service at are as follows:

  • Standardizing bid forms for federal and state-funded projects for all LPAs to use
  • Encouraging LPAs to use ODOT’s Item Master numbering system so the price for items can be tracked
  • Assisting LPAs with questions surrounding the legality of receiving bids/responses electronically

The Benefits of Bid Express

Easy to implement and even easier to use, Bid Express simplifies the bidding process by allowing contractors to submit sealed and secure bids from any internet-connected device. Learn more about the benefits of Bid Express.

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