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The Civil Quarterly is supported by leading partners in the heavy/civil industry to provide timely, trusted, and publicly-available information on the US civil construction market to help businesses make informed data-driven business decisions.
Our Partners

Hexagon - Platinum Partner

From bidding, to planning, to construction and maintenance, Hexagon’s Heavy Construction Solutions empower construction companies to master their project timelines and costs with dependable solutions that ensure productivity, safety and sustainability. With more than 200 years of surveying history, Leica Geosystems and AGTEK unites under Hexagon’s Heavy Construction Solution portfolio to enable digital construction workflows across the life cycle of your projects, with easy-to-use, adaptable solutions that you can deploy to unleash your business potential.

Command Alkon - Gold Partner

For more than 40 years Command Alkon has been delivery technology, supply chain, and automation solutions to the heavy work community. With proven performance on the supply-side, Command Alkon is the natural choice to digitally connect the end-to-end construction materials ecosystem. As an open industry collaboration platform for construction, Command Alkon’s CONNEX connects contractors, project owners, and jobsite inspectors with their material suppliers and haulers to accomplish more together than they would on their own. The Command Alkon Enterprise Suites; Production, Fulfillment, Logistics, and Jobsite, allow individual stakeholders to replace manual and complex tasks and processes with solutions that maximize efficiency, ensure visibility and improve decision making.

Digital Construction Works - Gold Partner

Founded in 2019, Digital Construction Works, Inc., (DCW) is a leading services organization providing digital automation, integration, digital twin services, and fit-for-purpose solutions to automate and optimize the construction process from planning through to operations. With an emphasis on heavy civil infrastructure, DCW is transforming the construction industry from its legacy document-centric paradigm and simplifying and enabling digital automated workflows and processes, technology integration, and digital twinning services for infrastructure.

Infotech - Founding Partner

Infotech is a leading SaaS solutions provider for the infrastructure construction industry. Informed by DOT relationships and decades of experience, Infotech develops software solutions that bridge the gaps between owners, consultants, contractors, and other project stakeholders. Whether it be tools for construction administration and inspection or secure online bidding, all of Infotech’s solutions are built to increase transparency, productivity and the availability of data. Infotech is the developer of Appia®, Bid Express®, and Doc Express®, as well as the official contractor for AASHTOWare Project™.
Who supports the report?
Infotech is the founding partner of The Civil Quarterly Report. The report is supported by our Platinum partner, Hexagon, and our Gold partners, Command Alkon and Digital Construction Works. Interested in supporting The Civil Quarterly by becoming an exclusive partner? Learn more about our partnership tiers.
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