Infotech + Command Alkon

Introducing our e-Ticketing integration with Command Alkon. Accept and share ticket data for all material types from any supplier and manage them through a single interface.

Use touchless ticketing to connect with third-party systems

e-Ticketing allows federal and state agencies to eliminate multi-part paper tickets for safer and more accurate information transfer between suppliers, contractors and the owner at the jobsite. Unlike other e-Ticketing options, our solution is system and material type agnostic, so it can integrate with your preferred construction management system. Accept tickets and manage them directly in your system for easy downstream asset management.

Support safe and efficient job sites with e-Ticketing

Elevate your e-Ticketing workflow by feeding your electronic ticket data into Doc Express, Infotech’s paperless contracting solution. Using Doc Express in conjunction with Command Alkon’s CONNEX platform allows users to:

Access ticket data anytime, anywhere, from any internet-connected device


Easily search for tickets by contract, material types, date range, and submitter


Organize storage of ticket data for daily and total tickets


Create safer job sites by staying out of the way of truck delivery


Capture test results electronically for increased accuracy

"It's real-time data of the ticket information, and that's including the material... what is in the truck, on the truck, what's the mix, etc. How can we use that data digitally in the future? How can I move it from one step to the next without touching it? Once I enter it in the field, I'm good. I can automate the forms. Last but not least, it's a safe way to collect the tickets."

Cedric Wilkinson, Engineering Technician Senior, Iowa DOT

How it works

Our integration with Command Alkon is agnostic, using APIs to safely and securely receive ticket data from any system and submit data to a construction management system.

“The safety and well-being of our industry remain paramount. We are proud to be working with Infotech to keep their essential infrastructure jobs moving forward.”

Suzie Holycross, Business Development Manager, Command Alkon

About Command Alkon

Serving the heavy building materials industry since 1976, Command Alkon is the leader in process automation, supply chain collaboration and eTicketing. Whether you need to procure, make, dispatch, sell, or track and trace heavy building materials, Command Alkon Solutions deliver visibility, business process automation, and supply chain collaboration.

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