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The full Analysis Suite includes:

Bid Tab Analysis

  • View past bid prices
  • View historical low, average, and high item prices
  • Search by item, description, proposal, county, unit and low bidder
  • Sort by item, item description, average, high, low, and unit
  • Perform multiple analyses quickly within the Bid Express service

Bid Express Advantage

  • Compare your bid to key competitors on select items
  • Perform competitive analysis for specified lettings
  • Set parameters like quantities, locations, and dates
  • Quickly make decisions in intuitive graphic displays

Disclaimer: Free trial period runs from 11/15/19 to 12/31/19. All free trials will end on 12/31/19 regardless of sign-up date. Trial users will not be charged after the free trial period ends. In order to use the Advantage suite, users must have a® account, an approved Digital ID, an approved Request to Bid, and have submitted a bid at least once in addition to posting bid data to Bid Express.

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